What Traceper offers you

Version: 1.1.0
Via Traceper, you could follow your friends and family members constantly and momently. Furthermore, you don’t have to send your trace by yourself, Traceper could send your location data at certain intervals and shares it with your friends and family by your choice.

Traceper will help you in so many areas.
Start following and stand by…

Do you wonder about your children while they are in school? You could follow all of their movements.
If your child moves more than a specific distance (defult: 500 m. and adjustable), Traceper warns you instantly. It warns you as long as he/she moves and stands by when he/she stops moving.

Do you get bored and want to meet up with one of your friends?
Enter Traceper and see where your friend is and how many distance between you and your friend.

Is your friend waiting for you in a coffee shop and you don’t know how to get there?
Traceper presents you a map which shows you how to get there and, by this way, it helps you to reach your friend.

Past points
Traceper lists your friends’ past points, it could show all the points on map, as well. You could switch from point to point, with one touch.

Photo sharing
Do you want to leave a memory from the place you have just met? Photos that you take via Traceper are uploaded in the system as location-based. And your friends enjoy the landscape you have shared, by viewing it on our website.

Losing a Traceper-installed device is almost impossible. Why?
When you think that you have lost your mobile device, you could see where it is by another Traceper-installed device or on our website, easily because your device continually sends location data via Traceper.

Corporate Use
Traceper also serves as a kind of navigation/tracking system which gives you the chance to use it for corporate goals.

Where is my staff?
It gives you the opportunity to follow one or more of your staff, at the same time and momently, on a single screen. You could view all of your staff’s movements they have made all the day.

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