Fequently Asked Questions

Traceper’s basic usage goal

Traceper is a social network that has been developed for the purpose of tracking your family members, friends etc. whenever you want.

How does Traceper work?

Traceper is set up on the main working system and it sends location data to the Traceper Data Center, periodically.

Who can see my location on Traceper

Noone can see your location on Traceper unless they send you a friendship request and you accept it. There is no other way for you to be followed.

Does Traceper share your location data?

Traceper doesn’t share your location data with the third persons, softwares, or foundations, not under any circumstances. We set the safety principles in the first place while building Traceper. You are safe.

Is my friends’ location data updated?

Each person’s location sending data timing is completely optional and can be changed on the “Profile”>(slide screen to the right)>”Location Settings”. At your friends list, there are notifications under each friend’s name, related to their last seen times and last seen locations. You could see if their locations are updated, from your friends list.

I set Traceper up. Do I need to send location data, all the time?

As you could set Traceper’s location data sending time, you could turn the automatic location data sending ability on/off, also. You could send location data only manually when your location data sending ability is turned off.

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